It was really cool this last week I got a call on thursday ,and its was the elders from my first sector, asking me if I was free saturday night. Because an investigator that I taught there was going to be baptised, and she wanted ME TO BAPTIZE HER! So I called Pres, he said I could, I went, and Baptized that tahitian, in TAHITIAN. First time I did that, very cool. 🙂 And then yeah, it’s really crazy at the end of the mission… Crazy ish happens. 🙂
Elder Purdy



So just a little update on me.. not too much, honestly just trying to get the sector moving, whenever we get our ward moving, the zone (stake) falls, and that looks bad. whenever we get our zone working really well, we lose focus on our ward, and then that looks bad. So ya know, that’s great. There is a SUPER cute missionary in this mission, half french half tahitian, and I’m gonna write her a note before I head out of here. 🙂 That’s what’s up. Rollin’ like a big shot.
What the heck is Supernatural? Is it a series? I don’t do well with series unless it’s monk, mythbusters, avatar, or teen titans…. I’m so excited to watch movies. I can’t wait to watch Frozen, I hear those songs all day long on the streets here, but I have no idea what the story is even about.

Wade gets home the day before Thanksgiving! We’re so excited to see him!


Okay family, sorry, this week has been crazy beyond belief, this ward did a huge survey (they went around and asked if people wanted they wanted missionaries to come over, or if they wanted a book of mormon all that stuff) they got like 44 people interested!!! Which is great! but now we have to follow up on all these people, which is very very difficult. Cause addresses don’t exist here.. So just kinda have to guess where they live. So we’ve been working on getting that organized.

Then last week we had a baptism, last week he freaked out cause people weren’t paying enough attention to him, and almost went inactive on the spot, not good, so we had to calm his horses. Then this last week we were preparing for two baptisms, one, Freddy 45, has an addiction to Paka, or, Marijuana and we had to make sure he was off of that,the other is 9 years old, and we only taught her two lessons, we did her interview the day OF or baptism. So with these two baptisms going on, we were very stressed. Hold on, there’s more.
We had a zone meeting with President Bize (mission president) and my comp and I had to give training lessons, (like a talk to motivate the zone) the problem is that the starting time, and ending time of this meeting kept changing, and every time it would change through out the week, the assisstants would call us, and tell us, then everytime they did that, (usually at night during our planning) we would have to call all the missionaries in our zone to let them know that we changed the time, and all that, which would take up our planning time, and we would get to bed really really late… So we had a Huge lack of sleep. hold on, there’s more.
Then we had a HUGE activity this week, for our stake, and since my comp and I are “in charge” we had to plan all of that crap too!!!!! Oh my gosh, so we had that, we had a combined baptism, we only had four for our stake, but that’s an alright number. I had to give a talk for that, I planned for it the day before, and practiced it out in my head, and I was really excited for it. I get there.. 30 seconds before I talk, I change my talk.. Totally led by the spirit, I gave my talk, and it went really well, we dunked the people in baptismal water, and talked with all the amis (investigators) and There was a couple that was so touched by my talk (not to sound like a faahua (which means to brag)) that they wanted to get baptized, with their whole family.. Then, there were two young women that came that are amis as well (investigators) and they were touched by my talk too, that they wanted to take a picture with me.. I don’t know if it was for my talk that they wanted to take the picture.. But we took the picture, and they wanted to take the lessons, but they were a little sad that they don’t live in our sector. That’s the mission though. 🙂 But wait, there’s more.
Then we had ALLL of our lessons in our own sector, not to mention we’re the only Elders in our zone with a car, so we have to help the others, we have meetings everyday except for Monday and Thursday. We have more action plans going on. And we are swamped… It’s craziness here in Tiare. 🙂 I love it.
We have a ton of people taking lessons, pot heads, alcoholics, people that have had insest, families, fishermen, even a french lady. It’s INSANE!!!! So many things to do.
I promise I’m not getting a big head with anything, but I just decided it was time to send you guys a real email of what’s going on. I also had a small interview with President Bize, and he told me, he expects A LOT from me, which scared me, but he told me a bit of what I’ve done in my mission, (Zone leader for 9 months, trained twice, opened an island) and told me that he wants ME to show the other missionaries how to act as a missionary. I was so flattered by that, And scared, I went home and prayed for like 15 minutes, asking for help and knowledge on knowing what to do. I love my mission. We have a great BIshop here, a great DMP (ward mission leader), a great ward, and I have a sick companion that makes me laugh so much. 🙂 Aita tue. Which means, what could be better. 🙂 Love it all Well, gotta go to our Family night, love you all. 🙂
Elder Purdy


Haha, well I wouldn’t be telling the truth if i told you this week was great, started off pretty good, Got the call! I’m going back to the main isalnd! I’ll be in a car!! But, as a zone leader… 😦 that’s okay, I can deal with it, I’ll be Elder Brooks Hunsaker! From Dear ol’ Davis too. Then.. The rest of the week was awful, let me give you a list of symptoms…
-Sore throat
-joint pains
-dry throat
-body pain
-restless nights
-vomitting blood
-dry heaving
-breathing pains
-weak muscles
And that was this last week…It was so freaking awful, I received three blessings, and Now I’m starting to feel better. 🙂 I haven’t eaten since tuesday. When ever I eat, I throw up right away, nothing stays in my stomach long enough to make me poop, It just comes up right away, I ended up throwing up so much, and dry heaving, that my throat bled. and since I’m on a tiny island in the middle of now where, there is nothing the doctors office could have done, so I was in contact with the mission nurse quite often, and she was nice enough to send me an airmail package full of meds, and that helped a bit. She’s going to take a better look at me on wednesday when I get off the plane. I’m doing all I can to eat and stuff, I’m getting my liquids, but this last week was exhausting. I was dead. 🙂 But I’m very excited to change sectors, to finish off my mission with my best foot forward, it’s gonna be great. 🙂 sorry, not a whole ton of news, cause not much happened other than staying at the house. :/
Love you
Elder Purdy


Ugh, no, our baptisms all have problems, and they are all looking at their life, I gave them a time-out. they don’t know how to take things seriously, they’re great people, but they just don’t know how to fix goals in their life, they just live day-to-day, and hope that someone else will change their thought process. which, as we all know. Doesn’t work like that. So this last week it was the 170th birthday of the church here in Polynesia, so at Tahiti they all danced and sang, and had a HUGE mother party, but all us out here on our fruit loops, didn’t get to go to that, so I called president, and asked if we could go ramming (look up Va’a tahiti V6 on youtube, you’ll see what it’s like) and HE SAID YES!!! So we went out and got in the boat thing, and paddled out to the middle of the fruit loop, and the waves were big!!! AND WE FELL IN THE WATER AND IT WAS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO MANKIND. It was marvelous. 🙂 So that was this last week, still working hard though, no worries, trying to find other people to teach, trying to fix the investigators problems. And all is well. 🙂



Oh, pft, are we having success…. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW! We are getting blessings out of our ears. 🙂 it’s so cool, just meet cool people all the time, and teach them, and they just love you, and it’s just honestly paradise, other than being boiling hot, it’s awesome. P-day we just play soccer with the kids on the island, I suck, the kids here are all like… Here’s an analogy; Rocky Balboa : boxing :: these kids : Soccer.
That’s the best way to describe it without hand actions I’d like to use and dramatic voice changes.

8.4.14 pictures

The first picture is Elder Purdy judging a ward cooking competition with straws up his cheeks. 🙂 the second is an investigator they found on the island they’re on now who got baptized after a week of them meeting with him, and he got to get baptized on the ocean. The third is just him living the life. 🙂