Man, Crazy week this last week, 🙂 we didn’t have too many lessons, but we had a ton of blessings come from it. Tons of our lessons got cancelled, but as we were walking away from one house this guy came over to us and was like (in french) “Hey! You guys are Mormon’s! Come here!” and so we talked to him, and he said he wanted to take the lessons! He talked to us!!! Crazy man. Another time, we had some good contacting experiences, and one of the members here bought us lunch! 🙂 strange blessing, but you have to recognize and be thankful the different ones, or the Lord won’t give you the obvious ones!
So this last weekend, I went on a split with none other than THEE ROBBY CANNON!!! WHOO! He’s an awesome guy, and I learned so much from him. We had some amazing experiences, we talked to a bum in the park, and we answered a bunch of his questions, we taught lessons, and rode our bikes all over Papeete. 🙂
Last… tuesday? I think? Elder Cannon, Elder Vanderholm, Elder Ollerton and I, went to an… oh what’s it called in english.. Investigator! We went to an Investigator’s house for a baptismal interview. She was Elder Cannon ma’s investigator, and so Elder Ollerton gave the interview, after the interview, we were planning the Baptismal thingy mablob, and jokingly, I said I’d confirm her a member, because she was laughing at my bad French. 🙂 and… she’s like, YEAH!!….. I tried to let her know that I was kidding about it. But she was very persistant.. so I ended up Confirming her.. In front of an entire ward.. in French. Scariest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.
Good heavens.. Fish.. I have had so much fish, but I’m starting to like it. 🙂 I have not yet had cooked fish though.. It’s all been raw, I’ve had Poisson Cru a bunch, Sashimi, sushi, all sorts of stuff like that.. and this Saturday, I’ll be eating Fafaru… And for those of you who don’t know what that is… I’ll explain it after I eat it. 🙂 Haven’t had it yet. I’ve only heard rumors about it. 🙂
This last week, Elder Ollerton, bless his little heart, realized that our Iron (for clothes and such) was a little dirty. So being the good little representitive of Jesus Christ that he is, took the liberty to clean it. He read the instructions and we went off to the store to buy the necessary things.. We come back, and I start doing my thing, and he starts cleaning the Iron… well, All of the sudden there’s Smoke!! And it smells like Vanilla and fire.. So I investigate, and Elder Ollerton is getting mad at the iron, saying “Who wrote that stupid ‘how to clean an iron’ thing??” it was chaotic. So I took a look at the “how to clean an iron”… He put VANILLA in the iron instead of VINEGAR.. 🙂 we laughed for a good half hour about that… We then bought a new Iron.
Fasting is the hardest thing to do here. Especially when you’re on bikes, you have to bike up a mountain three times during the day, There are Baptisms, and there-hence, food, and Tahitians trying to shove food down your throat every second of the day. It’s very hard to keep a fast. But Elder Cannon and I did it! For a good 24 hours. 🙂 it wasn’t hard for him, because he has a very firm testimony of Fasting, while mine is still in progress, but man, I saw the blessings come out of it. 🙂
Another thing that is super difficult to do here, is to know what to study!! I have “Preach my Gospel” in French, English, and Tahitian, I have the Bible in those languages, the Book of Mormon, Work-books for the languages, handbooks, church magazines, etc. knowing what to study.. That is so hard believe it or not..
Well that’s all for now, I forgot my camera today so no pictures… again. But! I will try again next week to get some up. 🙂 
Love, Your Favorite Tahitian, Elder Purdy


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