So this week was a pretty good week, we had some good lessons, a few people stop us on the road and will be like “Hey! Elders! Come here, we want to take your lessons!” So that’s pretty sick. 🙂
I really miss being a kid, I realized that I’m an adult now. I’m “one of them” now..
Okay, quick story. So I went on a split with a Tahitan Elder who speaks Tahitan really well. (Tahitian is a dying language 😦 ) So anyway, we were on splits, and we went to go visit some inactives, and such, and on the way up the building we found this old guy, and he starts going off in Tahitian, and then Elder Outzchovesky (something like that, he’s the elder I’m with at this time) starts talking to him, and I’m just sitting there, cause Tahitian is super hard to understand, really really hard. So they’re just chatting for a few minutes and we leave, and I ask Elder Outz-whatever, what happened, and he’s like, oh he wants to take the lessons! So I was stoked, because I can talk a little in Tahitian, well enough to give a lesson, and my normal Companion can speak it really well. So I was happy. So we went back to his house (my normal companion and I) and he’s this old guy, his beard is just super gnarley awesome, his skin is too big for his body, and he’s only wearing shorts, and some flip flops, so we’re giving a lesson, and he would take a few minutes to talk in Tahitian, and we’re just sitting there, because we’re both Americans, and we have NO idea what he’s saying, so we’re just smiling and nodding, and then we start teaching again. We get to Joseph Smith, and the word for that in Tahitian is Iotepha Semita, and we’re like, “have you heard of Iotepha Semita?” and he sits there for a second and he’s like.. “Joseph Smith.. Wasn’t that his name?” IN FREAKING ENGLISH. Yeah, He spoke english the whole time. So our minds were blown, but we refused to talk in French or English, he just spoke in Tahitian and we had no idea what was going on, but he’d smile his toothless grin, and laugh at us. 🙂 it was awesome.
But man, time flies when you’re on a mission, I feel like I just left, but it’s already been 4 months! I’ve lived in Tahiti for 2 months now, and man, it’s so cool here! I love the people, you always hear about missionaries “loving their investigators” it’s so true. You get to know these people on such a personal level, that you just love them, and you could just talk for hours and hours. There’s a family that’s moving out of our sector that we’ve been teaching for a while, and it’s so sad. 😦 It’s hard to say goodbye to these people!!
One other story. 🙂 I went on another split with Elder Cannon, and we went and taught this family, and one thing you need to know about Tahiti, there are so many geckos. Everywhere, they’re all over, in the houses, on the trees, dead on the street. Stuff like that, so anyway, we were in this family’s house, and these two geckos, fell out of no where like fighting in the air, and screaching on the way down, and landed on this kid. The geckos ran off, and the little kid started bawling.. I started laughing my head off. 🙂 just these two geckos falling off of the ceiling or whatever, landing on this kid.. Okay, maybe you had to be there…
And I also got punched in the stomach by some guy at church!
Well, I think that’s all.. My advice for everyone though, go get your Patriarchal Blessing!!!!!!!!
Okay, na na!
Elder Purdy


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