Okay, first off, to those of you who have sent me letters, I just got a few that were sent a few months ago, don’t think that I’ve forgotten, it’s just that mail takes anywhere from 2-8 weeks to get here, and then there is the dilema of finding time to go to the post office, and sending the letters that will take 2-8 weeks to get there.. So.. Yeah, sorry. I’m doing my best. 🙂 Love you guys.
The music here is hilarious… It’s either dub-step american music, or dub-step french music which sounds really funny. 🙂 also, they listen to music in english, and sometimes they don’t know what the music is saying, so sometimes we’ll have to ask them to change it, and they’ll be like “why?” and then we tell them what it’s saying.. and then they’re like “ah! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know!” 🙂 good stuff.
So when there is a prayer in Tahitian, I don’t know what it is, but they say it really quietly, and so one time during a prayer, I thought the lady had closed the prayer, and said amen so I said Amen… But she wasn’t done… So that was embarassing to have all these people look at me during the prayer, and then laugh at me. 🙂 Good stuff again.
I’m teaching like 10 people how to speak english, which is really hard.. REALLY really hard. And We’re teaching one guy how to read.. In French.. That’s even harder..
Our wonderful mission president has decided something.. That all the missionaries should fast at least once a week.. Which is really hard when you’re biking up an enormous hill all day, and every single house you visit almost force-feeds you everything in their house. But it’s great, we recieve blessings for it. With that, I’ve discovered that the Sacrament when you fast, is a strategy. 🙂 You’ve gotta find the biggest piece of bread, and savor the one small moment you have with it.
So the other day I was like “I really miss being a kid, this is hard being an adult” So I prayed for help to cope with that, and then opened my scriptures to 1 Cor. 13:11… God has a very funny sense of humor.
So yeah. That’s about it.. Oh wait! Today we had an activity with the Priesthood at a soccer field, and we played soccer for 3 hours in the hot hot Tahitian sun.. I look like a lobster. 🙂 Pretty cool I don’t think I can send any pictures again.. Sorry, Next week! Next week I’ll have a lot of pictures. 🙂 Okay, gotta go. Na na!
Elder Purdy


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