So I was in the MTC for like 11 weeks or something like that learning French and Tahitian, I’m now in Tahiti, most of the lessons are in French, we have two investigators whose lessons are in Tahitian. Most people here speak French with a few Tahitian words in their vocab Tahitian is a dying language so not too many people speak it. So like I said, most of the lessons are in French, and most people don’t know that we missionaries are taught to speak Tahitian too,. One night after a lesson (French) the couple invited us to eat (of course). So we said yes, and they asked me to bless the food. I like to bless my food and say my personal prayers in Tahitian, so I said the prayer in Tahitian, nothing amazing or anything, Said “amene” and looked up.. The sister that we were teaching started CLAPPING for me. What the heck?? I just talked for an hour in French, and it’s not a big deal, I say a 45 second prayer in Tahitian, and I get an applause?!? So funny. πŸ™‚ I love my mission.
So there is a girl, and her name is Blanche (White) and her second name, (people here have like four names) is Neige (snow) long story short, we had a Tahitian with us all day learning how to be a missionary, and he’s like, “oh! her name is Blanche Neige!” and we’re like, Yeah? so? And he’s like “you don’t know who that is??” and we’re like, no? How should we? White Snow? Who the heck is that? he said “you guys are American! You don’t know who White Snow is?” No? After like five minutes a light bulb came on in my head.. Her name is Snow White!!! Not White Snow!! Her name is Snow White. πŸ™‚ That may not make a whole lot of sense due to French Grammar, But it was really funny. πŸ™‚
Okay, so IF your mission is a biking mission. Don’t spend a Β lot of money on a bike. My bike was a little expensive, and it’s broken like a thousand times. I’ve had at least 10 flat tires here, the gears get all crappy, the breaks wear out, just buy a crappy bike that works. That’s all I have to say on that matter.
Also, the word for Saturday in Tahitain translates to Food Day. πŸ™‚
Na Na!
Elder Purdy


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