How’s it going, sorry not a lot of time today, it is our pday, but we’re going to the mission office.. Cause I’m going to be a freaking Trainer… To an American.. I’m the only one in my enitre district from the MTC that is going to be a Trainer, and I’m super scared.. He’s American, and his name is Elder Lee. I’m really excited, but nervous as crap. My new Area is my old area, but instead of the ward of Tipaerui and Pamatai, I only have Pamatai.  So that’ll be interesting. Gotta really get that ward moving. So yeah, we still need to go shopping and stuff so I can’t write a ton. I’m doing great though, I’m excited for this new change. 🙂 more to come on that next week.
I did have a baptism yesterday, his name is John, he’s 12, and we’ve been teaching him for a few months, we finally got his baptism to go through, and I was the  lucky one that got to baptize him! I’ll send pictures next week, cause I gots to go. 😦 Sorry. Love you guys and I’m glad you’re all doing well. Good luck at your tournament Hona!
Love you guys!
Elder Purdy

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