3.6.13 cont.

Got some sweet baptisms going on. We’ve been working with this one guy who
got excommunicated (everyone and they’re dog *thanks Adria Downs* get’s
excommunicated) so we’ve been working with him to get him back in the
church, and he was so ready, we just had to wait for time to pass by. But
he was SOOO ready, his name is Rayen, and he’s a boss. 🙂 so one day he had
us over and he’s like. (in french) Elders, I want te get baptized. Will you
guys fast with me so we can get this going?”…. HECK YES WE CAN!!! So we
did it. And then he got baptised two weeks later. 🙂 We just finished a
fast with another investigator so that his dad will let him get married to
his girlfriend so they can get baptized. So we Can expect another baptism
next week. 😉
Oh! I forgot to say. Rayen now holds the Priesthood, so He’s going to
baptized his wife. 🙂 That’s a love story right there. They’re my favorite.
🙂 SO many people here are so kind and willing to do anything. I love it
here. We have baptisms every week this month. 🙂 Sometimes we have doubles.
It’s so cool here guys. Um.. I think that’s all I have time for. SO yeah.
🙂 okay! A la Prochain!! Na na!
Elder Purdy
Alma 26:12 It’s not me doing this work. 🙂


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