So I’m going to talk a bit about my birthday… SO the day before my birthday, friday night, we got home, and our dinner appointment got cancelled, my comp was happy about that, because he’s awesome, and likes to make things special. 🙂 So he made me burgers!!! Good burgers, they were so good, holy snot. Just about as good as my dad’s. So we ate all those up, then we ate ice cream. 🙂
The next day… I Wake up, and my comp has decorated the entire appartement. 🙂 With streamers, and balloons, and candy, and cake! He had been up all night, and he made me cake, and made the whole room look awesome. 🙂 So he lit the candles and sang happy birthday to me. 🙂 It was really nice. Then we went out to do missionary work, and we went to an investigators house, and they had all pitched in and bought me a HUGE CAKE.. seriously. Monsterous. And they sang to me, and stuff, went through out the day getting phone calls, and people saying happy birthday to me, my comp bought me candy like I had said, so I ate those through out the day. 🙂 later that night we went to a members house, very nice family. Very humble. And they did the very best they could to make my birthday dinner special. 🙂 It was so cool. They sang to me too, and gave me a rather handsome present. 🙂 I later talked to my comp, and he said that he had told EVERYONE in the ward that it was my birthday. He’s an awesome Comp. 🙂 So later that same night, my comp ran over with me to a friends house, he had asked them to go buy a present for me, they bought me Meet The Robinsons. 🙂 In French. No I’m not going to watch it during my mission. 🙂 but it’s a good inside joke that we have. 🙂 So we had a great time on Saturday. Other than that, things are going great on the mission. Lots of things happen, lots of things should happen, but they don’t always go through. But I’m learning tons, and I’m enjoying it all. 🙂 thanks everyone for your support. 🙂

Elder Purdy


4 thoughts on “26.8.13

  1. No letters from Wade in the last 6 weeks? I find that very troubling…next to impossible. Perhaps someone is neglecting their posting responsibilities.

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