Hi everyone. πŸ™‚ it’s me. Sorry about last week. we barely had any time to do our mail. And this week isn’t much better, but here we go. πŸ™‚ so I really like my new area. Holy cow, gorgeous. And once again, I’m sorry, I can’t get pictures up: not this week any way. I’m on the East side of Raiatea, but because we’re the zone leaders; we go all over the island πŸ™‚ gorgeous. My comp is awesome, I teach him English, he teaches me French. He teaches really well too. Basically Everyone and their Dog speaks Tahitian here, it’s intimidating. But I love it so far: For now, we have to do our emails sunday, because it’s just about impossible on monday; but we’re working out the kinks
Yesterday I did my studies on the beach, and watched fishes and crabs swim around, it’s amazing here. Making lots of friends and what not, so no worries there for the moment. We don’t have AS MUCH work to do out here because everyone goes to bed early so it”s hard to work our Schedule around everyone elses. But I’m really loving it.
I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned SOOOO MUCH PATIENCE…. So much. I’ve learned not to be timid in sharing the Gospel. Cause I know it’s true, So why be afraid?
About Raiatea; gosh; sorry guys; I gotta type weird;
z is w
w is z
; is ,
q is a
a is q
Sorry; just for todqy: so qbout Rqiqteq; its amazing; i love it here; Everyone is so nice; qnd the zork is good: Ze reqlly need to step it up; but things qre going okqy for noz: Here is ,ore expensive qnd there qrent as many people; we drive everyone everywhere; but its greqt: our sector is like 35 km so thqts qround 22 miles or so: But luckily ze qre in cqr: πŸ™‚ sorry this is so zeird; but I’m out of time; its reqlly busy for us I’ll try qnd zrite tomorrow!!
Elder Purdy



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