I love my mission. It’s the best thing ever. I have met so many people, and I have been able to help them change their lives. The people here are tooooo nice. If they know the missionaries don’t have food that night. They’ll FORCE you to go eat at their house!! I kid you not. A few times this week we haven’t had food, and these amazing people have given us food, and this is JUST about a third world country. But they make the enormous sacrifice to serve us. AH! It’s amazing here.
I love my comp, He’s French, and it’s honestly a little hard to understand his accent. Cause the Tahitians, when they speak French it’s got a wicked sweet accent, and they add Tahitian words. But a pure French accent, is acctually hard to understand. Funny huh? 🙂
Okay so for the pictures; The one with the shades; thats me and Jean Paul: SOOO Sick, He’s 28, acts like a 17 year old he used to be into drugs and alchool and all  that; so he’s a tad messed up, but man so cool He hangs out with us, and when we don’t have to look important, we act like kids; One picture is with me and my favorite family (Dexter, his wife, Evangeline, and our investigator Puahiohio) The heis (necklace thingies) and the sweet shirt they gave me. The one with me and all my heis, I had so many I couldn’t take them on the plane!! I had to give them to a missionary couple to take back to the mission home to keep for me!! Other pictures, My Frenchie Comp driving the car, Some pictures of the scenery, and yeah. 🙂
Just a few thoughts that I’ve had, we as English Speakers are so Lucky. The Prophet himself, the Apostles, and all the others that speak in Conference speak in English, we get to hear their real voices. While Everyone else in the World has to have the translators, and I’m sure they’re great people, But no one can really impersonate Elder Holland when he’s spittin fire in his talk.
Also everybody!! I’m starting to work out again!! After 9 months of doing not too much, my comp has remotivated me to exercise, and oh boy. It feels good again. 🙂
SO yeah, there’s a quick update on my life here in paradise. 🙂
Take care ya’ll
Elder PurdyImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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