So this saturday, we have 7 Baptisms fixed. 🙂 That’s a huge accomplishment, and we are all really excited for that. 🙂 BUT, Satan the big bag of jerk is not happy, so he’s doing all he can to stop some of the baptisms, mostly for this one 15 year old girl. SO here are the investigators that are going to get baptised:
Etera 16
Teva 36
Jeffrey 15
Eugene 50 (or so)
Vaitiare 18
Jeffrey 24
Riakina 15
Okay, so starting with Etera, he’s 16, and he’s from another Island, Huahine, he’s been taking the lessons for like 2 years, but because he’s a minor, he needs his parents permission, and since they’re protestant, they don’t want him to get baptised, but FINALLY they let him, but because he works on sundays, it’s been hard to get him at Church.
Teva, super cool guy, he’s WAY motivated to follow Jesus Christ, any time we say thank you to him (cause he gives us food and stuff) He’s like, “Thank you Lord” So he’s pretty cool, they were living together (his girlfriend and him) and they weren’t married, so that’s been the biggest hastle, we FINALLY had their marriage this last week, and it was AWESOME. Tahitians know how to party. 🙂 They had food and music, and décorations, and all this stuff, so that was last friday. Yesterday, my comp and Bishop (we were on splits) passed by their  house, and EVERYONE was arguing, and when Tahitians argue.. They ARGUE. LIke fight and stuff. It’s crazy. But the whole house was fighting, and my comp and Bishop went in, and tried to calm them down, gave them blessings and what not. Then when they left, Bishop said to my comp “if we hadn’t been there, it would have been bad, And they probably would have canceld the baptism”
Jeffrey, 15 really cool guy. He was baptised when he was 8, but they lost his papers, so we get to baptise him again. 🙂 He wasn’t active, so we have to teach him the lessons again. But no real problems.
Eugene is a cool guy, I’ve been teaching him since I got here, and it’s in Tahitian. So it isn’t very easy, but we have finally got him to come to Church, and quit smoking pot and cigs and stuff. So that’s really good. President Sinjoux had to do the interview with him but he passed! So that’s a relief.
Vaitiare 18, she’s a handful and a half. She is the biggest drama queen ever, and has crushes on me and my comp. But we’re working hard with her to do the right things for the right reasons. But she’s… A special case. 🙂
Jeffrey 24, he’s a miracle. We found him 2 weeks ago, and he cut his Jesus hair and beard, stopped smoking, and all that, and wants to get baptised.
Riakina, 15, oh the poor soul. She’s just had it rough, and the Jehovas Witness Church is trying to drag her, and she had a Spill with Alchool, and drugs and stuff this last week but she’s doing alright. She’s changed. 🙂
Sorry, not as extensive as I would have liked to make it, because this doesn’t even come CLOSE to the emotions that go on here. But voila. I gotta go now. 🙂
Na na!
Elder Purdy



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