I’m dying, it’s so freaking rediculous. Also, I didn’t mention, but my comp has been calling girls, one girl in particular, and he was always on the phone, we have limited credit each month, and he’d always use all of it. Then if you want more, you have to buy it. I’d already told him to stop, but you can’t force anyone to do anything; so I just told him to stop. The car was still broken, Tuesday morning I went to Tahaa and was there to do a baptismal interview, and that was fine, I was on bike again, but the bike was SOOOO small, it was for like a 10 year old; the wheel kept popping, litterally 4 times in the 2 days I was there, I was able to help them fix two baptisms in their sector, then It rained… then wednesday afternoon I came back, the car was in the garage, my idiot companion didn’t do anything for 2 days!!! 2 days, how rediculous, he didn’t even get the car fixed in time. I was bugged about that, we went directly to Tahiti after that, and when I got there I went to my old house at my old ward of Pamatai, LOVED it there; it’s home there for me. So my comp went to another house so we werent even together, that didnt help, Thursday morning we went to Presidents house for a meeting, and that was great, I got to see all of my buddies, and that really helped, then that night, I was able to see my old ward for their reactivation program, and that was the highlight of my life. It was really like I came home, they were all SOOO happy to see me; they hugged me, and they were so shocked I was their, the bishop was extatic, I was so happy. 🙂 I saw the couple I baptised and reactivated, it was so so wonderful. Then we ate at presidents sons house, and had italian, VERY nice change from the fish. Then Friday, we had another meeting, and got REALLY good help, talked about commitments, and that was awesome, Elder John Taylor from Kaysville, is like the champion of the mission, he’s just killing it, really cool; he gave a great talk, so yeah, then we ate, my comp was mad at me or something for some reason, so we didn’t really talk, then we flew home after that, he still didn’t talk to me, and it was just weird, then he went outside with the phone, and I just took my shower and went to bed.
Next day, Saturday, Wake up, still not good circumstances, then through out the day, things got better, I found out that he was really touched by something someone said during the meetings about being a sanctified missionary, so he told me that the night before, he called the girl, and told her to stop calling, which was great. and then things were great, we talked, had lessons, and all that, but that night we had to do the report for our zone, so we had to go to a members house in another sector, cause he’s the only guy on the island (not really, but almost) with internet, so we got the elders from that sector, (not really sure why, my comps idea) went to the members house, he’s a rugby fan, so the game was on.. Me, I do what I’m supposed to, I’m caling all the missionaries, gettting their numbers for the week and all that stuff, I hate the report, it takes so long, So I’m on the phone, and I’m half way done, and the credit for the phone runs out.. it was only the 8th!!!! I was so mad, I go back in the house to see if I can use the home phone, and ALL the other missionaries are watching the game, including my companion. I was SO mad. I was like, I’m the only one doing this stupid report, all the other missionaries are breaking a huge rule, and I have no more credit. I was on fire. So then I calmed myself, and finished the report, left the house, said thank you, dropped the other missionaries off at their house, and then on our way home, its like 10:00 at night, I turn of the music in the car, oh, and I forgot, the WHOLE week, it’s been raining, not just the off and on sprinkles, but just a flood of water every day. So it’s coming down hard, and I’m freaking PO’d, and I start to talk/yell at my comp, HE BLOWS UP at me, and he’s just so mad at me, he just yelled at me and I have no idea why. So I’m just like… okay… and we have barely talked since. It is awful. So yeah there’s the update on Elder Purdy. Mission is great though. 🙂 Wouldn’t mind an angel or two though.
Elder Purdy


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