Well honestly, this week was awful, SOOO hard, our ward does nothing to help us, and with missionary work, you have to have Members with you, and we have no help, not even the bishop. So annoying. On top of that, we haven’t had baptisms fixed with this ward for like 6 weeks; president is P.O.’d about that. He’s lost trust in me which really sucks cause I’m doing everything I can to keep this zone above water, cause we don’t have our floaties (support from members) but we’re drowning, on top of that, my huge comp just broke up with his girlfriend cause she found another guy; and he has anger issues; so that’s scary, there are transfers that are going on that I wasn’t aware of in my zone, so I’m lost on that, We’re dying to find investigators, baptismal dates, anything; and then to top EVERYTHING off; the ONLY car that the missionaries have on this island; our car that is, broke yesterday; so we were late for our meetings; we had to cancel our zone activity that was planned today, and everyone is sad. OH! and I’ll be going to Tahaa to do baptismal interview, so I won’t even be in my sector; then right after that I’m going to Tahiti for 2 meetings; on of which I have to give a talk about Action Plans, oh fetch; President is going to be there and hes going to grill my butt. And then I’ll be back Friday night; DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS??? So yeah, this week has been stressful. I don’t think its a good idea to pray for more trials. I did that about three weeks ago. Man, I’m dumb.
But ya know, other than that; things are okay,. 🙂
Elder Purdy


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