Well; this week, do you really want to know? okay.. Here we go. Monday; at the beginning things were a tad rough; so I wrote president to tell him what was going on/ Then things were great; we played rugby in the rain and puddles and then my comp and I got along; we went and ate at a Family’s house; and it was great.
Tuesday; things were great again; still a tad rocky; but good; we just did normal missionary stuff; And because me and my Comp were so well off we planned some stuff for after the mission, he wants to come to utah; and i’ll show Him around; and then I come back here; and he teaches me to surf. I was really excited about that
Wednesday; a little kid wanted to look at my pictures on my camera; and DELETED OVER 400 PICTURES!!!! I almost killed the child. Then my comp said I could copy his pictures from his camera. That was really nice;
Thursday; Another good day; just missionary work
Friday; we had a district meeting; and we had to go pick up the elders from all around the island; on our way back… I hit another dog, oh my fetch; I’m so sick of hitting things The dog was on the right side of the road; so I went to the left side; and so did the freaking idiot dog!!! So I hit him going about 35 miles an hour; which was fast enough to kill him on the spot. Which was… Good I guess? So I went to go find the dog’s family; but the family had gone fishing; so the neighbors had just laughed… They LAUGHED that I killed the dog; they’re like “oh it’s no problem, that’s life, the road is for the cars and not the dogs, no worries” so I was like… “okay…? Can I have a shovel to bury the dog?” “nah, it’s fine, I’ll do it later” So we moved the dog off the road, and continued; then we got a call… It’s president; he talks to my companion for about 5 minutes; we’re still in the car. He says “ok” a lot and “thanks president” then hangs up and looks at me; I ask what it was; “YOU TELL ME!!!!” he blows up “THAT WAS PRESIDENT, WHY DID YOU TELL HIM THAT I CALLED MY GIRLFRIEND” just explodes; he was PPPPPP.OOOOOOOO.ed. So mad; I couldn’t say anything; I didn’t mean for president to get mad; I just wanted to let him know what was going on. then he’s like “I knew I couldn’t trust americans,” and “I can no longer have confidence in anything you say” he was fuming mad…..
So that ended everything; he didnt talk to me for three days, literally not at all; we just went throughout the day; during the lessons he didn’t teach; he didn’t talk; he didnt even say Amen at the end of prayers…. I was terrified. Cause I gotta be with this guy 24/7, theres no time-outs. So we went like that throughout the day; then saturday was the same; yesterday, sunday, the whole day; other than the dinner appointment, πŸ™‚
It was the same house with the crazy girls I told you about, the house with the two sister that love the missionaries; and are not very pretty; and yeah; so this time; my comp was still mad when we went in, we talked; and then he found his humor again; πŸ™‚
because it’s only been like 4 years he’s been a member; his ears still have the holes from his piercings; he took the sisters earings; put them on his ears; then throughout the night he took all their jewlery; 2 necklaces, the earings and a ring, he joked the whole night with these two ladies; and at the end o the night; the sistes had given him a golden necklace, with a pearl, and the ring!!!
What the heck! How do you do that???
So then after that we laughed and now things are good. πŸ™‚ I forgot to mention; that when president called; he also told my comp hes going to get transfered; which is a big bummer; cause I have really liked serving with this guy; even though with the ups and downs, it’s been awesome; and I’m really gonna miss him.
This week though; we are going to Tahiti for the week for more conferences and meetings; we go tomorrow; and come back saturday, friday we’ll have President Nelson come talk to us!!! really excited; take a bit of a break. I need that. πŸ™‚
Other than that; things are just swell. πŸ™‚


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