This last week we went down to Tahiti for the talks by Elder Nelson; and man; it was sweet, we went down tuesday, had meetings wednesday, and thursday, friday Elder Nelson and a few 70s came, the Tahitians were extatic to see the apostle, we forget how blessed we are in the US to be able to see the prophet and his counselors every 6 months if we wanted, these people have only seen an apostle maybe twice in their whole lives. We are even more blessed to hear THEIR talks in OUR language, not needing a translator to tell us what’s going on. Count your many blessings; so yeah, it was just awesome; the whole week we were in the city with the Assistants and the Zone Leaders of Papeete; and it was just a BLAST, we talked about pokemon even, we had AC, we taught some awesome lessons; fixed baptisms, it was a great week, almost a P-day. 🙂 So yeah; then we came home, and I got INSANELY sick; the AC got me super sick, I am now comfortable when it’s like 95, and I am cold when its like 70 degrees…. We had the AC at like 65, and I got super sick, I’m fine now, but I got really sick. 🙂 that was fun, but now me and my comp have worked things out; and he’s going to stay! 🙂 I’m happy about that, but yeah, things are all good.
Elder Purdy


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