Ugh, no, our baptisms all have problems, and they are all looking at their life, I gave them a time-out. they don’t know how to take things seriously, they’re great people, but they just don’t know how to fix goals in their life, they just live day-to-day, and hope that someone else will change their thought process. which, as we all know. Doesn’t work like that. So this last week it was the 170th birthday of the church here in Polynesia, so at Tahiti they all danced and sang, and had a HUGE mother party, but all us out here on our fruit loops, didn’t get to go to that, so I called president, and asked if we could go ramming (look up Va’a tahiti V6 on youtube, you’ll see what it’s like) and HE SAID YES!!! So we went out and got in the boat thing, and paddled out to the middle of the fruit loop, and the waves were big!!! AND WE FELL IN THE WATER AND IT WAS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO MANKIND. It was marvelous. 🙂 So that was this last week, still working hard though, no worries, trying to find other people to teach, trying to fix the investigators problems. And all is well. 🙂



One thought on “25.5.14

    It was gud havin’ u guys over tonite for our special Mexicano dishes 😉

    I’ll see you around…ring me up when u’ll get back from Da Tuamotuzz

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