Haha, well I wouldn’t be telling the truth if i told you this week was great, started off pretty good, Got the call! I’m going back to the main isalnd! I’ll be in a car!! But, as a zone leader… 😦 that’s okay, I can deal with it, I’ll be Elder Brooks Hunsaker! From Dear ol’ Davis too. Then.. The rest of the week was awful, let me give you a list of symptoms…
-Sore throat
-joint pains
-dry throat
-body pain
-restless nights
-vomitting blood
-dry heaving
-breathing pains
-weak muscles
And that was this last week…It was so freaking awful, I received three blessings, and Now I’m starting to feel better. 🙂 I haven’t eaten since tuesday. When ever I eat, I throw up right away, nothing stays in my stomach long enough to make me poop, It just comes up right away, I ended up throwing up so much, and dry heaving, that my throat bled. and since I’m on a tiny island in the middle of now where, there is nothing the doctors office could have done, so I was in contact with the mission nurse quite often, and she was nice enough to send me an airmail package full of meds, and that helped a bit. She’s going to take a better look at me on wednesday when I get off the plane. I’m doing all I can to eat and stuff, I’m getting my liquids, but this last week was exhausting. I was dead. 🙂 But I’m very excited to change sectors, to finish off my mission with my best foot forward, it’s gonna be great. 🙂 sorry, not a whole ton of news, cause not much happened other than staying at the house. :/
Love you
Elder Purdy


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