So just a little update on me.. not too much, honestly just trying to get the sector moving, whenever we get our ward moving, the zone (stake) falls, and that looks bad. whenever we get our zone working really well, we lose focus on our ward, and then that looks bad. So ya know, that’s great. There is a SUPER cute missionary in this mission, half french half tahitian, and I’m gonna write her a note before I head out of here. 🙂 That’s what’s up. Rollin’ like a big shot.
What the heck is Supernatural? Is it a series? I don’t do well with series unless it’s monk, mythbusters, avatar, or teen titans…. I’m so excited to watch movies. I can’t wait to watch Frozen, I hear those songs all day long on the streets here, but I have no idea what the story is even about.

Wade gets home the day before Thanksgiving! We’re so excited to see him!


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