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Okay. πŸ™‚ I’m alive. Amazingly. So I got my new comp Elder Hansen thrusday night; things were great, no problems or anything, I was really looking forward to serving with him. Thinking my old comp got the boot, I figured I’d stay a good 6 weeks to show my comp the sector, then get transfered back to Tahiti. Boy was I wrong. Friday we went around the island just cause it was his first day, had meetings, so hit the hard work around 3, had two lessons or so, went home to eat the food that had been dropped off. Go to bed; thinking all is well in Raiatea. Boy was I wrong. Wake up the next day; saturday. We go into town for a meeting with the Stake President to talk about missionary work. Before we even get there at 8 in the morning the phone rings…. Bum bum BUMM. Get a call from the assistants telling me I’m going to be transfered to the Tuamotos, (the islands in french Poly. Where there are only atolls) and train again. the island is called Manihi. So I thought he was kidding cause that’s everyones dream to go there. So I was in disbelieif and shock. My new comp that just got there doesnt know the sector; the investigators; the members; not even where we live; much less where the other missionaries live. So he and I start freaking the heck out, cause he’s the new Zone Leader, only missionary on the island with a car, basically in a nut shell, he’s screwed out there. We go FLYING around the island, me yelling where everything is; and he’s taking notes on everything he can. I’m trying to tell him all the duties of a Zone Leader cause it was the first time he’s a Zone leader in any place/ So I tell him where the boat comes where the airport is; who has what needs, where Stake President Lives, where our bishop lives, what stores not to go to; the WHOLE BURRITO people. SO I Say goodbye to everyone; he says hello; they give me necklaces and stuff like that, they gave him dirty looks cause he’s new. And it was the craziest 3 days ever. Tuesday morning; I get on the plane to go to Tahiti to go to a training meeting to be a trainer. And meet my newbie, Elder Webber.
All went well at Tahiti for the most part, my new comp is awesome. I love him. He plays soccer; and he speaks really well for being new; honestly, It’s great; So then me and my newbie get on the plane wednesday morning, and we stopped at 3 other Islands, Tikihau, Rangiroa, and Ahe, until we got to our island, we get off… Nobody is there… So I have no idea what’s going on, my newbie is more lost than I am and we just looked around; I prayed, looked around; the airport is on another section of the island, you have to take a boat from the airport to go to the Village Luckily a member was there! His name was Alma,(not too many people have that name, and if they do. You know their parents read a book we all know) he took us to the village and we show up there; Totally lost; We got there and so many members were welcoming us. SO great. πŸ™‚ So the scenery here is BLUE water, WHITE sand. πŸ™‚ and coconut trees. that’s all. But already this branch is awesome; the branch president, president Tehiotaata is a really cool guy, he’s so willing to help us and give us anything we need to get things going here; so honestly, we’re going to blow this island out of the water. πŸ™‚ It’s gonna be epic; So we are in a great area, and things are going to be fine, there is a tiny little nurses office here, so if i get a fish hook in my finger, I’m fine. πŸ˜‰ But yeah, it’s bloody hot here, SUPER bright, (thanks dad for the sunglasses; I would be dead without them here) very pretty, and my lips taste like salt.
Love you all, talk to you on monday. πŸ™‚ thanks for your prayers, I think Elder Hansen is doing fine, and I’m doing great as well. πŸ™‚ I’m gonna baptize this whole island. πŸ™‚
Elder Purdy


Well this week has been crazy; πŸ™‚ been over on Tahaa for almost 2 weeks, my comp didn’t want to come here, so I was just like Whatever, you stay there, do your best, I’ll stay here; So I stayed, and been on bike; πŸ™‚ It’s been raining and stormy for the last week, and it’s been interesting with all that, trying to do laundry, drying your clothes on a clothes line when it’s raining… kinda difficult. πŸ™‚ But yeah, we also adopted another cat, cause the little one died. The new one is cool; πŸ™‚ We call him Matau, which means fish hook; πŸ™‚ Ready for the story on that one?
My comp and I got home on friday, and we found a big mouse in the house, so we tried to catch it, long story short, I ended up with a rather large fish hook that went into my finger, and out the other end. πŸ™‚ So yeah, when we got the cat, we named him Matau. πŸ™‚ That way he’ll catch the mouse; πŸ™‚ my comp and I made some good jokes with that one, “Suivez moi, et je vous ferais pΓ©cheur d’homme”
“Follow me, and I will make thee fishers of men”
Stuff like that; πŸ™‚ but it actually really hurt, and I had to go to the little hospital that they have here to get it taken out. πŸ™‚ No worries, I got it ALL on video. πŸ™‚ I’ll be going back to Raiatea tomorrow, Tahiti wednesday, come back thursday, and start working in my sector again on Friday. πŸ™‚ When I come home, I want a BIG stack of cookies, and be able to take a nap. πŸ™‚ in other news; my dumb comp is getting transfered, and I’m staying… Again; πŸ™‚ In my whole mission, I’ll have 3 sectors I think; πŸ™‚ That might be a record low. πŸ™‚ Nah, I’ll miss my comp a tiny bit. But I’m really excited he’s getting out of here, I think he’s happy too. So yeah, that’s the update on me. πŸ™‚
Love you, take care; πŸ™‚
Elder Purdy


This last week we went down to Tahiti for the talks by Elder Nelson; and man; it was sweet, we went down tuesday, had meetings wednesday, and thursday, friday Elder Nelson and a few 70s came, the Tahitians were extatic to see the apostle, we forget how blessed we are in the US to be able to see the prophet and his counselors every 6 months if we wanted, these people have only seen an apostle maybe twice in their whole lives. We are even more blessed to hear THEIR talks in OUR language, not needing a translator to tell us what’s going on. Count your many blessings; so yeah, it was just awesome; the whole week we were in the city with the Assistants and the Zone Leaders of Papeete; and it was just a BLAST, we talked about pokemon even, we had AC, we taught some awesome lessons; fixed baptisms, it was a great week, almost a P-day. πŸ™‚ So yeah; then we came home, and I got INSANELY sick; the AC got me super sick, I am now comfortable when it’s like 95, and I am cold when its like 70 degrees…. We had the AC at like 65, and I got super sick, I’m fine now, but I got really sick. πŸ™‚ that was fun, but now me and my comp have worked things out; and he’s going to stay! πŸ™‚ I’m happy about that, but yeah, things are all good.
Elder Purdy


Well; this week, do you really want to know? okay.. Here we go. Monday; at the beginning things were a tad rough; so I wrote president to tell him what was going on/ Then things were great; we played rugby in the rain and puddles and then my comp and I got along; we went and ate at a Family’s house; and it was great.
Tuesday; things were great again; still a tad rocky; but good; we just did normal missionary stuff; And because me and my Comp were so well off we planned some stuff for after the mission, he wants to come to utah; and i’ll show Him around; and then I come back here; and he teaches me to surf. I was really excited about that
Wednesday; a little kid wanted to look at my pictures on my camera; and DELETED OVER 400 PICTURES!!!! I almost killed the child. Then my comp said I could copy his pictures from his camera. That was really nice;
Thursday; Another good day; just missionary work
Friday; we had a district meeting; and we had to go pick up the elders from all around the island; on our way back… I hit another dog, oh my fetch; I’m so sick of hitting things The dog was on the right side of the road; so I went to the left side; and so did the freaking idiot dog!!! So I hit him going about 35 miles an hour; which was fast enough to kill him on the spot. Which was… Good I guess? So I went to go find the dog’s family; but the family had gone fishing; so the neighbors had just laughed… They LAUGHED that I killed the dog; they’re like “oh it’s no problem, that’s life, the road is for the cars and not the dogs, no worries” so I was like… “okay…? Can I have a shovel to bury the dog?” “nah, it’s fine, I’ll do it later” So we moved the dog off the road, and continued; then we got a call… It’s president; he talks to my companion for about 5 minutes; we’re still in the car. He says “ok” a lot and “thanks president” then hangs up and looks at me; I ask what it was; “YOU TELL ME!!!!” he blows up “THAT WAS PRESIDENT, WHY DID YOU TELL HIM THAT I CALLED MY GIRLFRIEND” just explodes; he was PPPPPP.OOOOOOOO.ed. So mad; I couldn’t say anything; I didn’t mean for president to get mad; I just wanted to let him know what was going on. then he’s like “I knew I couldn’t trust americans,” and “I can no longer have confidence in anything you say” he was fuming mad…..
So that ended everything; he didnt talk to me for three days, literally not at all; we just went throughout the day; during the lessons he didn’t teach; he didn’t talk; he didnt even say Amen at the end of prayers…. I was terrified. Cause I gotta be with this guy 24/7, theres no time-outs. So we went like that throughout the day; then saturday was the same; yesterday, sunday, the whole day; other than the dinner appointment, πŸ™‚
It was the same house with the crazy girls I told you about, the house with the two sister that love the missionaries; and are not very pretty; and yeah; so this time; my comp was still mad when we went in, we talked; and then he found his humor again; πŸ™‚
because it’s only been like 4 years he’s been a member; his ears still have the holes from his piercings; he took the sisters earings; put them on his ears; then throughout the night he took all their jewlery; 2 necklaces, the earings and a ring, he joked the whole night with these two ladies; and at the end o the night; the sistes had given him a golden necklace, with a pearl, and the ring!!!
What the heck! How do you do that???
So then after that we laughed and now things are good. πŸ™‚ I forgot to mention; that when president called; he also told my comp hes going to get transfered; which is a big bummer; cause I have really liked serving with this guy; even though with the ups and downs, it’s been awesome; and I’m really gonna miss him.
This week though; we are going to Tahiti for the week for more conferences and meetings; we go tomorrow; and come back saturday, friday we’ll have President Nelson come talk to us!!! really excited; take a bit of a break. I need that. πŸ™‚
Other than that; things are just swell. πŸ™‚


I’m dying, it’s so freaking rediculous. Also, I didn’t mention, but my comp has been calling girls, one girl in particular, and he was always on the phone, we have limited credit each month, and he’d always use all of it. Then if you want more, you have to buy it. I’d already told him to stop, but you can’t force anyone to do anything; so I just told him to stop. The car was still broken, Tuesday morning I went to Tahaa and was there to do a baptismal interview, and that was fine, I was on bike again, but the bike was SOOOO small, it was for like a 10 year old; the wheel kept popping, litterally 4 times in the 2 days I was there, I was able to help them fix two baptisms in their sector, then It rained… then wednesday afternoon I came back, the car was in the garage, my idiot companion didn’t do anything for 2 days!!! 2 days, how rediculous, he didn’t even get the car fixed in time. I was bugged about that, we went directly to Tahiti after that, and when I got there I went to my old house at my old ward of Pamatai, LOVED it there; it’s home there for me. So my comp went to another house so we werent even together, that didnt help, Thursday morning we went to Presidents house for a meeting, and that was great, I got to see all of my buddies, and that really helped, then that night, I was able to see my old ward for their reactivation program, and that was the highlight of my life. It was really like I came home, they were all SOOO happy to see me; they hugged me, and they were so shocked I was their, the bishop was extatic, I was so happy. πŸ™‚ I saw the couple I baptised and reactivated, it was so so wonderful. Then we ate at presidents sons house, and had italian, VERY nice change from the fish. Then Friday, we had another meeting, and got REALLY good help, talked about commitments, and that was awesome, Elder John Taylor from Kaysville, is like the champion of the mission, he’s just killing it, really cool; he gave a great talk, so yeah, then we ate, my comp was mad at me or something for some reason, so we didn’t really talk, then we flew home after that, he still didn’t talk to me, and it was just weird, then he went outside with the phone, and I just took my shower and went to bed.
Next day, Saturday, Wake up, still not good circumstances, then through out the day, things got better, I found out that he was really touched by something someone said during the meetings about being a sanctified missionary, so he told me that the night before, he called the girl, and told her to stop calling, which was great. and then things were great, we talked, had lessons, and all that, but that night we had to do the report for our zone, so we had to go to a members house in another sector, cause he’s the only guy on the island (not really, but almost) with internet, so we got the elders from that sector, (not really sure why, my comps idea) went to the members house, he’s a rugby fan, so the game was on.. Me, I do what I’m supposed to, I’m caling all the missionaries, gettting their numbers for the week and all that stuff, I hate the report, it takes so long, So I’m on the phone, and I’m half way done, and the credit for the phone runs out.. it was only the 8th!!!! I was so mad, I go back in the house to see if I can use the home phone, and ALL the other missionaries are watching the game, including my companion. I was SO mad. I was like, I’m the only one doing this stupid report, all the other missionaries are breaking a huge rule, and I have no more credit. I was on fire. So then I calmed myself, and finished the report, left the house, said thank you, dropped the other missionaries off at their house, and then on our way home, its like 10:00 at night, I turn of the music in the car, oh, and I forgot, the WHOLE week, it’s been raining, not just the off and on sprinkles, but just a flood of water every day. So it’s coming down hard, and I’m freaking PO’d, and I start to talk/yell at my comp, HE BLOWS UP at me, and he’s just so mad at me, he just yelled at me and I have no idea why. So I’m just like… okay… and we have barely talked since. It is awful. So yeah there’s the update on Elder Purdy. Mission is great though. πŸ™‚ Wouldn’t mind an angel or two though.
Elder Purdy


Well honestly, this week was awful, SOOO hard, our ward does nothing to help us, and with missionary work, you have to have Members with you, and we have no help, not even the bishop. So annoying. On top of that, we haven’t had baptisms fixed with this ward for like 6 weeks; president is P.O.’d about that. He’s lost trust in me which really sucks cause I’m doing everything I can to keep this zone above water, cause we don’t have our floaties (support from members) but we’re drowning, on top of that, my huge comp just broke up with his girlfriend cause she found another guy; and he has anger issues; so that’s scary, there are transfers that are going on that I wasn’t aware of in my zone, so I’m lost on that, We’re dying to find investigators, baptismal dates, anything; and then to top EVERYTHING off; the ONLY car that the missionaries have on this island; our car that is, broke yesterday; so we were late for our meetings; we had to cancel our zone activity that was planned today, and everyone is sad. OH! and I’ll be going to Tahaa to do baptismal interview, so I won’t even be in my sector; then right after that I’m going to Tahiti for 2 meetings; on of which I have to give a talk about Action Plans, oh fetch; President is going to be there and hes going to grill my butt. And then I’ll be back Friday night; DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS??? So yeah, this week has been stressful. I don’t think its a good idea to pray for more trials. I did that about three weeks ago. Man, I’m dumb.
But ya know, other than that; things are okay,. πŸ™‚
Elder Purdy